How To Enjoy Cheap Adventure Travel This Year

As summer approaches, families all over the country get into a huddle – what kind of vacation plans do they have this year? And it has to be a special one they think of because it has to make everyone happy. If it’s going to cost money, it is going to make the people spending the money – the parents – the unhappiest if the children are always going “So what else is new”. Well, affordable adventure travel could be where your family’s zone lies this year.

Let’s look at how if you don’t have too much money set aside for this year’s vacation, zip-lines and rodeos and golf can be great ideas.

When you were young, adventure travel probably meant that you had to go somewhere off to the mountains and then hike with your family until you were blue in the face. These days, adventure travel tends to be much more entertaining. For instance, try the Appalachian Mountain club. You’ll find these in New Hampshire. Go here and you’ll find that it’s the perfect place to unwind. You get these mountain huts out in the wilderness in the White Mountains. It’s just $30 a person a night. There are lots of free programs and activities for children that they have.

Children just have a romantic idea of the wild wild West in them. But they’ve probably never been to a place like that. So if you take them there, they are surely going to find it hard to complain of how there’s nothing new. The Cody Wyoming National Park and Yellowstone National Park have such a great parade of adventure travel attractions for everybody. How can your children not love barrel racing or nighttime rodeo? And where else can they have a good close-up look at street gunfights, all staged and completely fun?

They have entire villages set up for this. You can get to live there in a little Wild West cabin. And it’s just to $150 a night.

Usually, Yellowstone National Park can be a little expensive in the summer. There is a way though to make it adventurous, fun and still affordable. You just have to use one of their hundreds of camping sites.

Know how when you take a hiking trip, your children absolutely refuse to go hiking? You could turn it into something they can’t help loving. You could turn it into a treasure hunt. At Mt. Hood near Portland, Oregon, at the resort that they call The Resort, they have a great treasure hunting adventure for the whole family, that they call the geo-caching adventure. Your children who never get up off the TV at home are going to be unstoppable here.

Adventure Travel On The Road Less Travelled

When those of you think of adventure travel frequently it rouses pictures of mountain climbing, water activities, skydiving and many other activities both for leisure and as extreme sports.

While these certainly are associated with adventure travel, it may even include something as quiet as a horse and carriage ride through the cobbled streets of Bruges.

Your objective is to get out of your comfort zone and to start searching for encounters which are new. For adventure travel or experiences it is possible that there is even something close by to your home, or it could mean an overseas or inter-state trip.

More and more these new and fulfilling experiences are becoming popular with the majority of us needing the break from work for a holiday or just by bringing some excitement to your weekends.

Once upon a time tropical island resorts were the only way to go when travel was concerned but in these modern times many of the world’s travellers are seeking out something new. In this way we have seen a rise in adventure travel which includes popular places such as the Inca Trail, camping in the African Wilderness or climbing the summit of one of the world’s many mountain ranges.

That said even on tropical islands many will book tours to incorporate with their sun-going, relaxing trip such as island cultural tours, scenic flights, snorkelling or scuba diving trips and the like.

Adventure travel is not for everybody. It is for that type of person who needs those new experiences and someone who wants to encounter the unknown by exploring somewhere on the road less travelled.

There are of course elements of danger while on an adventure trip. Climbing Everest for example imposes a much bigger number of risky than say planting yourself under an umbrella at the beach. Use your best judgement when taking up an activity using reputable companies.

Adventure travel also does not necessarily have to be organised tour or a familiar scenario and each and every individual will have their own style, thoughts and emotions attached to each adventure trip.

One of my prime examples of adventure that I have experienced includes shark diving with Great Whites in South Africa, a school of up to 30 Galapagos Sharks in Hawaii and even swimming cage-less with grey Nurse Sharks in my home town of Sydney Australia. I’ve always been fascinated with sharks throughout my life so to experience them up close was an adventure on the road less travelled that I had to take.

On another trip I took to a small, quiet village of the Scottish Highlands known as Braemar which was the place of my ancestors which included a castle once belonging to them.

These are just some examples of adventure travel but there are so many more; sport fishing trips, caving or spelunking trips, scuba diving holidays, whale watching experiences, mountain treks, safari, wildlife tours and so many more.

The destination truly is up to you as an individual and the ideas out there are limitless. So forget about those holidays where you do nothing all week, seek out and find your most favoured adventure.

7 Adventure Travel Ideas For The New Year

If adventure travel is part of your New Year’s Resolution then here are just some ideas that would really make your next year one to remember for years to come.

Travel is one of those things that many us want to do but instead of just your usual beach going holidays where you lay down and relax for 2 weeks straight why not take an active and more exciting approach with adventure travel?

1. Trek the Inca Trail

The ancient lands of Peru is a place of magic and wonder, where you could follow the footsteps of one of the world’s most complex empire; the Incans.

2. Visit the Galapagos Islands

This is one of the world’s most naturally beautiful places with unique wildlife that is not found anywhere else. It is also the location where Charles Darwin introduced the theory of ‘survival of the fittest’. Cruising, scuba diving and visiting the giant tortoises is just part of the fun that could be had here.

3. Wreck Dive the SS President Coolidge

This wreck dive is found in Santos Espiritu which is one of Vanuatu’s most popular islands. The ship itself was a luxury liner that was taken over by the U.S military before sinking to a friendly mine. It is considered to be one of the most accessible shipwrecks to scuba dive.

4. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

What better way to experience the vast African wilderness than from the peaks of Tanzania’s Mt Kilimanjaro. Fittest and altitude do come in to play here as the peak reaches over 19,000 feet.

5. Visit Yellowstone National Park

This National Park was the first in the world and is one of America’s most visited too. It is well known for its geyser field hosting up to 500 geysers within the park. Plus the wildlife spotting is yet another reason to visit including over 60 mammals.

6. Ice Caving

A famous cave found in Austria is the Eisriesenwelt Caves which are limestone caves that have formed icicles throughout the entrance of the cave within the Alps. It is the largest ice cave in the world and is open between April and October each year.

7. Visit the Sundarban Rainforest

Visit the swamp and mangrove forest which found on the border of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India and is home to the endangered Bengal tigers. It is also great for wildlife spotting for many other species as well which includes the abundant birdlife, jungle cats, mongoose and the unusual looking crocodile known as the Gharial.

There are many more adventures out there in the world but this list to give you some ideas and will hopefully kick off your thought process of what adventure travel you wish to take up.

Year-Round Georgia RV Adventure Travel Ideas

Whether the sun is shining, leaves are falling, or icicles are glistening, there’s an exciting RV trip to be had. Jaunts to the beach are fairly standard, but new RV and travel trailer enthusiasts often miss out on some unique adventures that are only possible during other times of the year.

Georgia RV dealers are a good place to start when you’re on the hunt for new destinations with your RV or travel trailer. They’re likely RV owners themselves, and reap the benefits of information other customers have shared. One of the first short-distance trips many local RV dealers suggest is Red Top Mountain at Lake Allatoona.

Part of Georgia’s state park system, Red Top Mountain is a perfect destination almost year-round. Visitors can enjoy swimming, boating and fishing in the 12,000 acre lake, or can take to the trails for hiking or biking. In the colder months, the park offers themed activities on some weekends, like Harvest at the Homestead, or Christmas at the Cabin. Interesting near-by attractions include the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, as well as the Etowah Indian Mounds State Historic Site.

If you’re feeling lucky, head to Dahlonega during the third weekend in October for the world famous Gold Rush Days. Thousands hit the small town to see the deep fall colors at their peak and celebrate Dahlonega’s discovery of gold in 1828. If the gold panning contest doesn’t call to you, there are plenty of other things to do: stroll the 300 booths set up by artists and craftsmen, check out the parade, listen to some old fashioned hog-calling, or even watch a fashion show. With live entertainment and delicious food, Gold Rush Days in Dahlonega are an excellent RV and travel trailer destination for the Fall.

Another Fall destination, Cloudland Canyon State Park, is said by some Georgia RV dealers to be one of the most beautiful spots in the state. The views into the Canyon are stunning, and if you’re able to weather a 600-step staircase and some serious hiking, the waterfalls at the bottom are worth it. Tennis and disc golf are also available at the park, which has 73 sites for RVs or travel trailers.

Once the chilly winter months hit, a prime RV and travel trailer destination is Hilton Head Island. While most tourists associate the island with surf and sand, the winter Carnival season is also a blast. Throughout January and February, Hilton Head celebrates with live entertainment, pageants, bike tours, opera and other cultural events. If you arrive in February, you’ll also be able to take part in the Gullah Celebration and learn more about the unique lifestyle and language of those descended from West African slaves in the region.

If you’re thinking about a trip over Labor Day weekend, talk with your RV dealer about some of the options–there are many. One that’s received rave reviews from GA RV dealers in the past is the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Callaway Gardens. The weekend starts with a balloon glow on Friday night, and the fun doesn’t stop until the end of the weekend. Between balloon launches, there’s entertainment, demonstrations, and activities for kids and grown-ups (rock climbing, anyone?).

Grab the kids, pack up that RV, and hit the road. With all the year-round adventure RV opportunities in and around Georgia, there’s no reason to wait until next summer!